Data Contribution

Share meta-analysis

Share your meta-analytic data with others to make it accessible and expandable using our data template for means of interoperability:

We have prepared spreadsheets for meta-analytic data. All data shared and added to PsychOpen CAMA have to be edited in the format of these spreadsheets to make our analysis scripts run with the new data.

The submission process for new data is still under development. For the time being please send your data via email to: contact

Add a study

You have conducted or found a study, that might potentially be eligible for an existing meta-analysis in PsychOpen CAMA?

Then add it to the database to support the accumulation of evidence in psychology. To this end, you can download the current version of the dataset of your choice and fill in the additional information from new trials.

The submission process for your edited data is still under development. For the time being please send the edited data via email to: contact

General information on filling in data in PsychOpen CAMA

To guide you in filling in your data in the required format, we have prepared two example datasets for you:

Perhaps, you find your question or a similar one in our FAQs

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (cama[at] ). We look forward to helping you support evidence accumulation!